Jiang Shan

Shan (Sherman) JIANG

Mr. Jiang joined law school of University of International Business and Economics in 2013 and is now a Professor, PhD Supervisor, at the same time a Senior Researcher of Competition Law Center.

Mr. Jiang holds a Ph.D in UIBE specializing in competition law, and he has been a Fulbright Fellow (2009-2010) in Georgetown Law Center during his study. After finished his Ph.D program, he conducted Post-doc research in School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University focusing on innovation policy and competition policy. During 2018-2019, he worked as a Fulbright Research Scholar in Law School, University of Pennsylvania. His research areas include: Competition Law, Regulatory Law, Competition Policy and Innovation Policy.

A. Articles

1. On the Normative Form and Efficacy Essence of Anti-monopoly Guidelines, Journal of Social Science, 01/2023.

2. On the Hierarchical Structure of Fair Competition Review System’s Juridification, Business and Economic Law Review, 05/2022.

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11. On the Anti-Monopoly Regulation of Non-Price Vertical Restraints, Science of Law, 1/2020.

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29. An Outline of the Cultural Dimension of AML’s Implementation: Competition Culture, Litigation Culture and Rights Culture, Jiangxi Social Sciences, 7/2008 (With Yong Huang).

B. Monographs

1. The Policy Choice and Legal Governance in Industrial Development: Competition Law and Beyond, Law Press, Beijing, 2016.

2. The Interpretation of Anti-monopoly Law, Law Press, Beijing, Forthcoming.

C. Translation Works

1. Federal Antitrust Policy (Chapter5, 17-21), Herbert Hovenkamp, Law Press, Beijing, 2010 (With Xu Guangyao and Wang Chen).

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