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The 2018 Graduation Ceremony of the University of Finance and Law School was held


On June 27, 2018, the 2018 Graduation Ceremony of the Law School of the University of International Business and Economics was held in the International Lecture Hall on the third floor of Ningyuan Building. The outstanding alumni of Law School, Mr. Liu Shuang, CEO of Fenghuang.com, Dean Shi Jingxia, Secretary Yu Haichun, Vice-Dean Chen Weidong, Vice-Dean Gong Hongliu, Vice-Dean Feng Hui, Vice-Secretary Zhang Li, as well as more than 500 people made of faculty and staff representatives of the Law School, parents of students, and all 2018 UIBE Law School graduates witnessed this solemn, memorable and beautiful moment.

(2018 Graduation Ceremony)

At 1:25 p.m., law school leaders and teachers walked into the international lecture hall in academic dresses and waved to the students in thunderous applause and cheers. Before the beginning of the ceremony, an elaborate video made by the 2018 graduates was played, recalling their unforgettable years of study in Huiyuan, and resonating on their time.

(Secretary Yu Haichun)

At 1:30 pm, Secretary Yu Haichun announced the official commencement of the 2018 graduation ceremony of the UIBE Law School. All the staff stood up and the graduation ceremony kicked off with the majestic national anthem. Then the host introduced the guests and faculty members of UIBE Law School to the audience.

(Singing the National Anthem)

The representatives of undergraduate and graduate students, Li Mingzhe and Wang Chen, gave speeches in turn. They expressed their sincere gratitude and blessings to their alma mater law school, recalled the colorful life in Huiyuan and shared their understanding of the law. They hoped that students of UIBE Law School would make “benefiting the world and the people” as their lifelong ideal as a legal professional, be settled in uproar, and maintain the morality, conscience and justice of society with firmness and rationality.

(Li Mingzhe and Wang Chen)

Afterwards, Professor Bao Lu, who was chosen by all the graduates, delivered a speech on behalf of the Law School faculty. Professor Bao made a profound exposition of the idealism and soulfulness of the legal professional. He encouraged the graduates to find and care for their souls while developing, practicing and persisting in their ideals. He said that ideals are for groups, for the society, and for human beings; souls are for oneself, for lover, for family, and for friends. Ideals and souls are always the basis for a legal professional to distinguish himself from other professionals. Professor Bao’s speech was so sincere and philosophical that it deeply affected every graduate in the venue.

(Professor Bao Lu)

In his speech, Mr. Liu Shuang, the outstanding alumni representative of UIBE Law School and the CEO of Phoenix.com, shared his insights into his career with the graduates. He hoped what everyone can do in their life journey that first, have independent thinking and be outstanding; second, be inclusive and humble; third, step out of your comfort zone ; fourth, be persistent and not afraid of failure. Finally, Mr. Liu Shuang blessed the graduates to treasure the friendship between teachers and students and the friendship of classmates, and to welcome and weather new storms safely.

(Mr. Liu Shuang)

At the ceremony, Vice-Secretary Zhang Li read the list of “Beijing Outstanding Graduates” at the ceremony and awarded the honorary titles of “Beijing Outstanding Graduates” to 12 students including Wang Hao and Li Mingzhe. The leaders and teachers on the rostrum issued honorary certificates for the outstanding graduates and took photos together.

(Vice-Secretary Zhang Li)

Afterwards, Vice-Dean Feng Hui read aloud the “Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis of UIBE Law School” and the list of thesis instructors. Vice-Dean Chen Weidong read aloud the “The Outstanding Graduate Thesis of UIBE Law School” and the list of instructors. The leaders and teachers on the rostrum issued the certificates to the awardees.

(Vice-Dean Feng Hui and Vice-Dean Chen Weidong)

(Representatives and some instructors of “Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis of UIBE Law School”)

(Representatives and some instructors of “Outstanding Graduate Thesis of UIBE Law School”)

At the conclusion, in order to express their gratitude to the Law School, the 2018 graduates jointly presented graduation souvenirs to the Law School.

After the graduation ceremony, four graduate representatives performed a beautiful and exciting song named “You Were a Teenager”. The singing and the students’ voices was heartfelt, and was met warmly with instantaneous applause.

(Chorus by Li Chunhe, Wang Lu, Zheng Zihan and Xia Junhan)

During the portion of teacher’s warm messages, Vice-Dean Chen Weidong, Vice-Dean Feng Hui, Vice-Dean Gong Hongliu, Vice-Secretary Zhang Li, Professor Chen Xuequan, Professor Li Mei, Professor Xueyuan, Professor Bian Yongmin, Professor Ma Te, Professor Li Qingwu, Professor Zhao Shangjun, Assistant Professor Jianglong, Assistant Professor Ji Ying, Assistant Professor Dong Bingying, Assistant Professor Zhang Xin, Professor Zhang, Assistant Professor Zheng Haiping, Teacher Tu Shuai, Teacher Hong Jiemin, Teacher Zhang Renjiao, etc., each in turn, sent farewell messages to the graduates. Their cordial words carried the deep blessings of the teachers and warmed the heart of every student who was about to graduate.

In the ceremony finale, Dean Shi Jingxia delivered a brilliant speech on “The Happiness of Legal Professionals”, which was full of humor and philosophical, to all graduates. On behalf of the Law School, Dean Shi first congratulated all the students on their successful graduation. She expressed sincere respect and gratitude to the teachers who gave lectures and the silently dedicated parents. She pointed out that 2018 is not only the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up policy, but also the 40th anniversary of UIBE Law School. In the forty years, several generations of UIBE legal professionals have marched forward and cultivated countless talents on the rule of law. In her speech, Dean Shi shared three points with the audience on the topic of the happiness of the legal professional: First, the happiness of the legal professional comes from the maintenance of fairness and justice; Second, happiness comes from different levels, including not only material and emotional levels, but also the hardship of self-realization; Third, the legal professional should pursue the greatest happiness for the most people. Last, Dean Shi quoted Orrin Hatch’s saying that “Graduation is not the end; it’s the Beginning”, and wished graduates will gradually understand and appreciate the happiness of the legal professional as they embark on their new journey.

(Dean Shi Jingxia)

In the second stage of the graduation ceremony, Dean Shi Jingxia issued graduation certificates for 93 undergraduates, 178 graduate students and 17 international students, and took pictures with each graduate. Vice-Dean Feng Hui, Vice-Dean Chen Weidong and Vice-Dean Gong Hongliu read aloud the list of undergraduates, postgraduates and international graduates respectively.

(Issuing the certificates)

The graduation ceremony of UIBE Law School has been held for five consecutive years. It is the only one held by and for the Law School itself, and is a grand festival for the Law School graduates. Through the ceremony, graduates have a better understanding of the Law School as their eternal strong support and spiritual home, where the vigorous and ambitious years in Huiyuan have been witnessed. Best wishes to all the 2018 Law School graduates, and hope you will remember your origins while bravely moving ahead, but also remembering your Law School and coming back often!