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The Delegation from the University of Copenhagen, School of Law Visited UIBE Law School


On October 16, 2019, Prof. Joanna Lam from the iCourts of the law school of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Professor Xianwen, professor of Chinese law in S. C. Van, and Mr. Gunes Unuvar, postdoctoral fellow, officially visited UIBE Law School. Professor Mei Xiaying, dean of UIBE Law School, and Professor Gong Hongliu, associate dean of UIBE Law School, held talks with the guests.

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(From Left to Right: Doctor Günes Ünüvar, Associate Dean, Professor Gong Hongliu, Dean, Professor Mei Xiaying, Professor Joanna Lam and Professor Xiang Wen)

Dean Mei Xiaying introduced the overview of UIBE Law School, highlighting the school’s advantages and specialties in the frontier fields of international law and cyber law, and expressed interest for the two sides to enhance mutual understanding and establish long-term cooperation. Associate Dean Gong Hongliu introduced the situation of foreign exchange, student exchange and cultivating international talents of our law school

The visiting guests expressed their appreciation for the achievements UIBE Law School has made, then introduced the operation of the iCourts, and actively responded to how to carry out mutual cooperation. They suggested that the two sides should start with research cooperation at the level of teachers, and gradually enhance mutual understanding to form a win-win situation. To this end, the two sides have conducted in-depth discussions and reached many consensus on the exchange visits of teachers, joint international conferences and other issues. The meeting came to a successful conclusion in a warm and friendly atmosphere.