Huang Yong


Ph.D. in law

University of International Business and Economics (Beijing, China)


University of International Business and Economics (Beijing, China)


Peking University (Beijing, China)



Professor, School of Law, University of International Business and Economics (Beijing, China) 

Ph.D. Supervisor

Head of the Department of Economic Law


Competition Law, Economic Law, Social Security Law, Law of Macroeconomic Control



Civil Procedure Law, Evidence Law, Bankruptcy Law, Civil Remedy



Research Project

Legal Affairs Office of the State Council:

  • Study on the Legislation of China’s Antitrust Law;

  • Comparative Study on the Legislation of Prohibition of Monopoly Agreement;

  • Comparative Study on Legislation of Enterprise Centralized Antitrust Law;

NPC Law Committee:

  • Translation Project on States Antitrust Laws;

Ministry of Commerce:

  • Study on China's Trade Policy and Competition Policy (one of the 17 key projects in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan);

  • Study on the Standard of Corporate Mergers and Antitrust Law Review;

  • Study on the Relationship between Intellectual Property Law and Antitrust Law;

  • Study on the Law Enforcement Issues in Concentration of Undertakings;

  • Study on the Bankruptcy Defense System in the Review of Antitrust Law in Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions;

Ministry of Justice:

  • Key Research Project: Research on Issues in Antitrust Law in Restricting Competition Agreement;

  • EU: Study on China Urban Social Security Legal System (project manager);

EU Environment Committee: Oil Gas Legislation - Regulation and Competition:

  • EU-China Trade Project (EUCTP) Study on the Exemption System in Antitrust Law;

  • Study on the Application of Antitrust in the Field of Intellectual Property;

  • Trade Policy and Competition Policy Coordination;

  • Asian Development Bank: Comparative Study on States Competition Law;

UIBE 211 Major Research Projects:

  • Study on Competition Law;

  • Study on Insurance Law.



Books and book chapters

  • Economic Law, University of International Business and Economics Press, Beijing, 2008 (co-authored);

  • Anti-unfair Competition Law Classic Cases and Commentaries, CITIC Press Corporation, Beijing, 2007;

  • Anglo- American Insurance Law CITIC Press Corporation, Beijing, 2007;

  • International Competition Law, China Youyi Publishing Company, Beijing, 2003;

  • Anti-trust Law Classic Cases and Commentaries, Court Press, Beijing, 2002;

  • The Concise Edition of International Commercial Law, China Foreign Trade and Economic Publishing House, Beijing, 1992.


Articles (The publications are in Chinese unless otherwise indicated)

  • Pursuing the Second BestThe History, Momentum, and Remaining Issues of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law, Antitrust Law Journal (in English);

  • On the Concentration Control to Joint Venture in China, Law Science Magazine, No.10, 2012;

  • Thirty Years’ Development of China’s Anti-monopoly Law under the Yardstick of "State-Market”: Toward “Autonomous-Responsive” Law, Legal Forum, No.3, 2008;

  • Application of Anti-monopoly Law in China’s Petroleum Sector, Modern Law Science, No.4, 2011;

  • On the Overseas Recognition of the Judicial Verdict of the Anti-monopoly Cases and the Dilemma of the Law Enforcement, Journal of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, No.3, 2010;

  • Outline of the Cultural Dimension in the Implementation of Antitrust Law –Centered on Culture of Competition, Litigation and Rights, Jiangxi Social Sciences,No.7, 2008;

  • China Anti-monopoly Law: Focus on the Overall Coordination of the Laws, China Development Observation, No.6, 2006;

  • International Cooperation of Competition Law: Present and Prospect, Journal of Shanxi University (Philosophy and Social Sciences), No.4, 2004.



  • Beijing “Educational Innovation Pace-setter” in 2007;

  • “International Competition Law” won the Excellence Award of 2003 National Foreign Trade Research Award and the Outstanding Award of the Second Session of the National Law Textbooks and Research Awards Hosted by Ministry of Justice in 2006;

  • Nominees for Ministry of Education “New Century Excellent Talents Project” in 2005;

  • Beijing “College Outstanding Youth Teacher”, 1998;

  • Beijing “Advanced Teacher in College Teaching”, 1988.



  • Deputy Head of the Expert Advisory Group in State Anti-Monopoly Committee;

  • Competition Law Experts for National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce;

  • State Quality Inspection Administration Legal Advising Committee Member;

  • Expert Committee Member of Administrative Reconsideration Committee in State Administration of Taxation Committee;

  • Insurance Legal Affairs Consultant in CIRC;

  • Deputy Director of the Central Legislative Committee in China Democratic National Construction Association (CDNCA), Standing Committee Member of Beijing CDNCA, Chief of CDNCA Beijing Legal Committee;

  • Beijing NPC member;

  • Beijing Municipal People's Congress Financial and Economic Committee Member;

  • Beijing Municipal People's Procuratorate System Invited Supervisors;

  • Standing Director of Chinese Economic Law Research Society;

  • Beijing Law Society of Academic Committee Member;

  • Arbitrator in China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC);

  • State Antimonopoly Legislation Expert Advisory Committee Member from 2005.2;

  • NPC Law Committee Antitrust Legislation expert from 2006.7 and attended the whole formulation and revision of China Anti-monopoly Law;

  • Member of NPC Financial and Economic Committee “China Special Equipment Safety Law” Drafting Group.