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The 141st Business and Economic Law Workshop: The history of free trade and the future of WTO


Topic: History of Free Trade and Future of WTO

Speaker:Professor Padideh Alai, American University, Washington College of Law

Time: May 6, 2019 Monday),1200-1320

Venue: Ningyuan Building 729

Moderator: Professor SHI, Jingxia, Dean of UIBE Law School


Padideh Alai is a Professor of Law at American University Washington College of Law(WCL). She specializes in international economic law, law of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and comparative legal traditions. She teaches international trade law and comparative law. Professor Alai’s scholarship has concentrated on the history of free trade, transparency obligations of the WTO and their implications on internal domestic transparency, universalizing the administrative state through the multilateral trading system, as well as good governance and evolution of international anti-corruption norms.


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