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The 30th Law School Anniversary Series Lectures U.S. Product Liability Law and Product Safety Law

The 30th Law School Anniversary Series Lectures (2)


On 19th September 2014,an international commercial arbitration series lecture was successfully held in Moot Court, Ningyuan Building. The lecture was held in the Second China Arbitration Week, organized by the Committee and hosted by UIBE Law School. The subject of this lecture was “Arbitration Issues in Dispute between Investors and States”.Director Chen Jian from China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission International Operations Department hosted the lecture.The keynote speaker was Law School Associate ProfessorDr. Jane Willems.Professor Ding Ding served asguest commentator.


Director Chen Jian made the opening address and warmly welcomed the lecturer, teachers and students. He then briefly introduced Dr.Jane Willems. He said that this lecture provides a good opportunity for the audience to increase their knowledge about international investment law.

In the lecture,Dr. Willems first introduced the importance of dispute settlement systems between investors and states. She said that the proper settlement of disputes between investors and states is conducive not only to the creation of agood investment environment, but also to the effective protection of investors’ interests in the state. Foreign investment of capital in China has been increasing for many years.  This has made further improvement in investor-state dispute settlementmore crucial for China.

Dr. Willems described the three stages of change in Chinas investment environmentsince reform and opening up in 1979.She elaborated on the development process in each stage.Through showing the general framework of bilateral investment treaties, Dr. Willems focused on the definition of Qualified Foreign Investor” and “Qualified Investment”.Shegave specific interpretationsonthe concept of a NaturalPerson, nationality requirements of investorsby discussing treaties and cases. Finally, Dr. Willems chose four ICSID cases related to China as examples and illustrated the issues that China hasagreed to submit to ICSID,how to apply theMFNclausein bilateral investment agreements and how that could lead to expand the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal.

Professor Ding Ding expressed appreciation of the highly specialized contentsof the lecture.She discussed the number of China’s current signed BITs, and she alsomentioned the preparation of bilateral treaties with U.S. and bilateral treaties signed with Canada. On the question of reservations, in the China BIT questions, Professor Ding presented a question worth considering, namely whether the withdrawal of reservations meansconsent. Dr. Willems, Professor Ding Ding and Director Chen Jian further discussedthese issues.


The audience was invited to a Q & A session. The audience raised excellent questions on differences between international commercial arbitration and investor-state dispute arbitration and on other topics. Dr. Willems, Professor Ding Ding and Director Chen Jian participanted in responding to the audience.

Finally, Director Chen Jianawarded the Excellent Organization Certificate of “The Second China International Commercial Arbitration –Arbitration Week Lecture Series”to UIBELaw School. The lecture ended successfully to warm applause.



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