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The 30th Law School Anniversary Series Lectures A Lecture ByMs. Shawei T. Wang, Senior Official from TheFederal Reserve Bank of New York


On September 25th, 2014,at the invitation of Professor Fujun,Ms. Shawei T. Wang, gave the teachers and students of UIBE Law School and other departments a lecture:Too Big to Fail: from the American Perspectives”. This lecture was one of the 30th Law School Anniversary Series Lectures.


Ms. Shawei T. Wang holds a JD Degree from Columbia University, and is a senior official of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. She is the Legal Counsel for the Regulatory and Marketing Department.She also serves as secretary of the American Financial Market Bar Association, legal counsel of the American Foreign Exchange Committee, and she is a member of US-China Relationship Committee. She has extensive management experience an da high reputation in the field of US bank regulation and bank operation.  She also served as a member of the experts group responsible for vetting “Dodd - Frank ActSection 165 (d),Solution for Related Financial Institutions and other works.


Deputy Dean Gong Hongliu, Professor Ding Ding, Professor Lai Zaoxing and Professor Fujun welcomed Ms. Shawei T. Wang on behalf of Law School and Dean Shi Jingxia. They introduced the basic situation and latest developments of the Law School, and also invited Ms. Shawei T. Wang to Law School for future visits.


Ms. Shawei T. Wang introduced the newly formed regulatory framework of US financial institutions after the promulgation of the 2010 Dodd - Frank Act.She described the starting program, including eligibility and conditions requirements, guidelines, FDIC duties, orderly liquidation fund, valuation, liquidation orders, and other content involved in the two most important parts of Dodd - Frank Act: Title II Orderly Liquidation Authority (OLA) and Title I Enhanced Prudential Standards. She also introduced the newly promulgated rules and future trends of the Federal Reserve Bank and FDIC which were started with the implementation ofDodd - Frank Act.


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