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Drake University Law School International Project Leader Ms.Ellen Yee Visited UIBE Law School

Drake University Law School International Project Leader Ms. Ellen Yee Visited Law School

On August 29th, 2014, Drake University Law School International Project Leader Ellen Yee and Chinese Culture Project Department Director Kirk Martin visited  UIBE  Law School.They conducted a business meeting with Shi Jingxia,Dean of the Law School and Gong Hongliu, Deputy Dean responsible for foreign affairs. Li Xiaomeng, Deputy Director of UIBE International Cooperation Office participated in the meeting.



InMay 2014, Director Kirk Martin had visited UIBE Law School and hadreached a preliminary consensuson cooperation with Dean Shi Jingxia. Beginning in the academic year of 2015, DrakeUniversity Law School will provide a $ 10,000 scholarship to every UIBE student who attends Drake University Law School in their LLM program. For Director Ellen Yee and Kirk Martin, the purpose of the second visit was to implement there sults of the preliminary meeting, sign the cooperation agreement, and deepen the discussion on further cooperation.

During the meeting on August 29th, Dean ShiJingxia signed the cooperation agreement, and expressed gratitude for the scholarships provided by Drake University Law School. Subsequently, the two parties conducted further important discussions on how to broaden cooperation. Director Yee said that due to the requirements of the American Bar Association (ABA), American students’ credits obtaine doverseas ared ifficult to convert for credit.  If we can make good use of summer vacation and launch a model of internship exchanges and short-term study, the existing advantages of UIBE Law School will greatly enhance the attraction for American students.

Dean ShiJingxia pointed out that UIBE launches the annual “Summer School Project” in July and the domestic firms are gradually moving towards internationalization, which has laid a good foundation for the summer cooperation. Director Kirk Martin and Deputy Dean Gong Hongliu made further recommendations, such as inviting professors from Drake University Law School to short-term teaching at UIBE based on the “Summer School Project” platform, which to some degree,will offer the possibility to exchange academic credits for both sides. If the time for summer courses could be advanced, from mid-May to mid-June, it will be more likely to attract American students to come to learn at UIBE. Both sides agreed to do their best in facilitating this proposal and other related cooperation.

After the meeting, the two parties exchanged gifts and took photos. This meeting implemented the results of previous talks and discussed future cooperation, which was a great success.



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