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The Commencement Ceremony Held For 2014 Undergraduate Law School Students

Law School 2014 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony Grandly Held

In the golden autumn, with clear air, 92 students fromall over the country came to UIBE Law School to begin their new journey sand challenges. On October 9th, 2014, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00p.m., the 2014 commencement ceremony was held in the Moot Court ,Ningyuan Building. Dean ShiJingxia, Sub-secretary of Committee Yu Haichun, Deputy Dean Su Haopeng, Deputy Secretary Yan Lihong , Professor Sun Li, Associate Professor Ma Te, Associate Professor FengHui,freshmen director JiangLong, Jiang Shan, TuShuai, Tian Tian and all 2014 undergraduates attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Sub-secretary of Committee Yu Haichun.


At the beginning of the ceremony, Associate Professor Ma Te gave a speech on “Citizen-Citizenship-Legal practitioners”. He first expressed congratulations and welcome to the new students. He emphasized that the meaning of life at UIBE is to give everyone an international perspective, proper values, and the ability to adapt to a pluralistic society, which is the essence of modern education. He said UIBE Law School hopes that all students will develop their talents and be successful students. Associate Professor Ma Te also expressed the expectations of teachers, which is a hope all students will be the “Merit Students” of the new era, namely a good citizen and a good legal practitioner. The speech was both humorous sand deep ,and won warm applause from the students.


Senior student representative Ye Congying ,spoke based on her own study and practical experience. Sheen couraged the new students to be come outstanding legal practitioners by hard work through four years of study in Law School. She presented three proposals to freshmen: first, make proper planning for university study; second, do not be afraid to tap your full potential; and third, develop herished friendships with teachers and classmates.



Subsequently, freshman representative HouMingqiang thanked the teachers and senior brothers and sisters on behalf of all the 2014 students. He expressed pridetobe a member of UIBE Law School. He solemnly promised that the 2014 class will try their best to become outstanding legal practitioners.


Then, the teachers present (Professor Sun Li, Feng Hui,JiangLong, Jiang Shan) expressed their expectations to the students, hoping they will not forget the original intention of entering university. They urged the first year students to make good use their time in university to enhance themselves, to maintain adiligent learning attitude, and to commit to become outstanding legal practitioners.


Dean ShiJingxia delivered a speech entitledLooking up at the star-filled sky, standing on solid ground” .First, on behalf of all faculties, she warmly welcomed the students and thanked them for joining UIBE Law School. Dean ShiJingxi  apointed out that this is the first freshmen commencement ceremony and is therefore of great significance.

Then she talked about three aspects: The first was about you-the students”. The 2014 undergraduate students are from all over the country and they have achieved excellent standards in their high schools. Dean Shi spoke about the development of new Law School goals.  Under her leadership, the Law School will implement new training programs for undergraduates, reflecting the talent training concept of “thicken foundations and value characteristics".

    The second aspect Dean Shi discussed was on “Law School and Us”. Dean ShiJingxi apointed out that this year marks the30th anniversary of the Law School’s establishment, and anniversary activities are prepared and will be conducted during the year. She introduced two famous scholars of the Law School, Professor Shen Daming and Professor Feng Datong.  She praised the glorious history and tradition of the Law School .She also stressed that the Law School has one of the two state-level key disciplines in UIBEInternational Law, which has a high status in the field of law of China.

Law School has a strong team off aculty on International Law, as well as excellent teaching and research ability in Civil, Commercial and Economic Law. The school is also nurturing new concepts inprocedural  law, constitutional law, administrative law and other public law and basicdis ciplines. Its disciplinary systemis based on integrity and professionalism. She emphasized the academic and teaching levels are first class. The Law School aims to cultivate students with proficiency in Eastern and Western legal cultures, who can adapt to both the international and domestic market needs, emphasize the rational structure of students’ knowledge, and focus on students’ innovation, practical ability and professionalism.

Third, in “Expectations from us: Looking up at the star-filled sky, standing on solid ground”, Dean ShiJingxia said she believes that one of the core tasks of Law School sunder graduate training. The Law School has dramatically reformed the curriculum and teaching methods this year. Dean Shi launching teaching innovations, aimed at improving the quality of legal education. Dean ShiJingxia  ardently hoped that the student swill seriously consider howto spend the four years in efficient and meaningful ways. She suggested that as a  legal practitioner, we should look at society affairs with a sound mind, defuse volatile situations with great wisdom, remain calmand keep a good and pragmatic heart, always stand on solid earth and establish professional conduct from the start. Great legal practitioners will not follow the crowd, nor hear ofrestlessness.

SecretaryYu Hai chunurged the students not to slack offen learning after entering university. Instead, they should make proper planning with a  positive attitude, and polish thetemper of their minds to learn to deal with the complex social environment.Deputy  secretary Yan Lihong told the students to always abide by the law, and he emphasized the importance of having a healthy mind and strong body.


The Commencement ceremony ended in a warm atmosphere. The  2014 freshmen students received a deep understanding of UIBE Law School. They can see UIBE Law School has laid a solid foundation for their new life. The Law School is hoping they will assume the missi on en trusted to them, and write anew chapter in life’s music!

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