Advantages of Our Programs


Excellent and Helpful Supervisors

We understand that students need some reasoned guidance in achieving academic excellence, and that faculty has an obligation to direct them towards the goal.

UIBE Law School will provide highly qualified tutors for each international student. In addition to assistance with regular coursework in each student’s major, the tutor will guide the students with their thesis, case practice, and provide other individual development and education assistance according to the student’s characteristics and professional interests.


Legal and Business Practice Opportunities

UIBE Law School will provide international students with internship opportunities in all levels of Chinese courts, notable law firms and prestigious multinational enterprises. In court internships, students will deepen their understanding of Chinese laws by observing and participating in the trial work of Chinese courts; In law firm internships, students will enhance their abilities to handle practical legal issues by assisting experienced lawyers and participating in legal cases; In enterprise internships, students will accumulate precious business experience by participating in the business operation of a multinational enterprise.


Academic Consultation Service

UIBE Law School will provide international students with specialized advisors to answer enrollment questions about registration, degrees, optional course applications, auditing and interchange study at other Chinese universities. The advisors will guide international students through the application process for taking optional courses such as: International Trade, Sociology, Economics, Business Management, Finance, Accounting, Insurance and other courses of interest in other schools at UIBE.


Outstanding Financial Support & Scholarship

International students can apply for a Chinese government sponsored scholarship. UIBE Law School awards an Exceptional Studies Scholarship to those students who achieve outstanding academic scores up to 5,000 RMB each semester.


Modern Teaching Facilities

UIBE has a modern library with a collection of 1,200,000 books and many convenient computer stations, where students can use high-speed internet for research and communication with the world. Our school’s modern, well-designed and comfortable classrooms, small group meeting rooms and large conference rooms are equipped with advanced teaching and media equipment. Students can use these rooms for various learning, discussion, research and teaching activities.


Elegant Campus & Facilities

The UIBE campus is thoughtfully planned with an elegant environment and comprehensive facilities, offering favorable accommodations as well as advanced classroom and media equipment. UIBE Law School houses the most unparalleled collection of foreign language materials nationwide and an abundant collection of authoritative foreign legal resources, and editions of English legal books and academic journals which include full sets of American Law Reports, U.S. Code, West Law Report, Lloyd Law Report, Yale Law Review, Harvard Law Review, and Columbia Law Review. Access to internet legal databases such as LexisNexis and Westlaw are also provided to the students.

UIBE is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing. UIBE is adjacent to the National Olympic Center and the traffic and transportation is convenient. It takes 25 minutes to get to the well-known Zhongguancun area by car and is 5 minutes walking distance to Subway Line 5, Line 10 and Line 13 from the west, north and east gate of the campus respectively.


Aid on Students Accommodation

International students can apply for on-campus dormitory housing, which is complete with comprehensive facilities, considerate services and a comfortable and safe living environment.


First-Hand Experience of Chinese Culture

International students can experience profound aspects of Chinese traditional and modern culture on and off campus. Students are given opportunities through student associations to learn aspects of Chinese culture such as: Chinese calligraphy, instrumental music, folk arts and kung fu, and are encouraged to interact with Chinese students in social activities. UIBE Law School also hosts various cultural and social activities at regular intervals and organizes celebrations for significant Eastern and Western holidays.

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